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How does Electro-Acupuncture work?

Electro-acupuncture measures electrical resistance between different parts of the body using traditional Chinese acupuncture points on the hands and feet which relate to different organs.

Specially designed probes are painlessly applied to the surface of the skin to measure minute changes in electrical resistance. The results are recorded, analysed and interpreted by the practitioner using the latest software.

This results in an extraordinarily detailed picture of the functioning of the patient's systems, graphically represented in pictograms and text. As our practitioner is fully qualified in conventional as well as alternativemedicine, suggested courses of treatment may include multiresonance therapy, pharmaceutical as well as homeopathic options.

Scientists, predominantly in Germany, Austria and Russia, have carried out research and development  into electro-acupuncture for several decades. They are now taking advantage of the greatly enhanced power of modern computer software, utilising knowledge-based systems, to measure electromagnetic activity within the body and detect health problems in their very early stages.




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